Brush4Brush is a no-brainer!

Brush4Brush is a no-brainer! Replacing your tooth brush regularly is one of the simplest things we can do to help ourselves stay healthy; but before Brush4Brush most of my patients still didn't do it! Now my patients can automatically get the new toothbrush they need. My patients also love that they're helping their neighbors in need too! It's a win-win-win. Thank you Brush4Brush!

Dr. Clendenen, Orthodontist at Tulsa Braces & Bartlesville Braces by Dr. C

I am a general dentist with 5 children of my own, and I rarely remember to get them a new toothbrush even though I have easy access to as many as they need. I love the concept of Brush4Brush because it takes out the forgetfulness factor of busy moms or dads not remembering to buy new toothbrushes for their family. The amount of bacteria growing on toothbrushes from germs in the mouth, germs shared from sibling toothbrushes, and germs from the bathroom air (every time the toilet flushes) is something that is truly disgusting when you think about it. So, make sure that your family members minimize the germs and have new, clean toothbrushes every month with a Brush4Brush membership! The best part of a membership is that you are automatically helping needy kids in your local area receive toothbrushes as well so they too can have healthy smiles.

Angie Nauman, DDS